SoFi Pro

The Pro package of SoFi


What is SoFi Pro

SoFi Pro is the expert package that equips SoFi with several user-friendly and in-depth utilities for your analysis. You must have it!

Main Features of SoFi Pro

  • (support) our full technical and reasonable scientific support with regular updates and upgrades to future IGOR versions

  • (resampling strategy) bootstrap application on PMF input for the assessment of the statistical error and subsequent analysis using the dynamic criteria-based feature
  • (criteria-based feature) Inspection and selection of PMF runs based on user-defined proxies/tracers
  • (statistics on average) average over several PMF runs and visual inspection of the averaged solutions
  • (rolling technique) user-based PMF sub-window moves over the entire PMF input allowing for time-dependent factor profiles. Especially relevant for long-term SA studies, where factor profiles are supposed to vary over time
  • (relative error scaling) manual and automated application of the C-value, when combining data from two and more instruments and subsequent graphical support when exploring these solutions
  • (additional averaging) hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly average in SoFi for externals, PMF input and solution
  • (classes) variables and/or time points can be classified for further analysis, e.g. PMF with data from various stations at the same time or various size-fractions

  • (saving&loading utilities) saving and loading user-specific PMF input and constraints or user-defined criteria.
  • graphical support for the quantification of the PMF error, statistics on the a values
  • ...and much more, consult the SoFi manual for more details.

Pricing list

The following table summarizes the costs in Euro (€) for a SoFi Pro license. Prices are given per piece/PC and year and are without VAT/Sales tax. VAT/Sales Tax may be added to your purchase totals as required by your state and local laws.

25 % discount is applied for the purchase of 3 and more SoFi Pro licenses and 50 % discount for 8 and more SoFi pro licenses, independent from the combinations, e.g., only multi-user licenses for one year or one license over several years.

All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

single license≥ 3 licences (multi-user or -year)
≥ 8 licenses (multi-user or -year)

perpetual ME-2 group license
costs per piece/PC in Euro (€)1000750500

If your institute is exempt from paying VAT/Sales tax on this transaction or if your institute will take care of re-emitting the VAT/Sales tax, contact us for a quotation.

visit the datalystica kiosk on fastspring for purchasing a sofi pro or me-2 license


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